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Photo Diary: Jolene goes to Long Beach

In the same vein as my recent brunch blog, I spent the weekend introducing my dear friend Mariah to my city. I've written this many times in my 2020 blogs, but the pandemic has really pushed me to explore locally and redefine the the idea that adventures take place only in faraway, unfamiliar places.

I've lived in Long Beach for most of my life, but I am constantly revisiting its quiet corners and colorful crevices.

Day 1

Pit stop at Hilltop Park for city views and peaceful vibes.

Brunch at Restauration, one of my favorite restaurants in Long Beach. Mariah enjoyed a classic Coke, retro chicken sandwich and shared my burrata/pumpkin appetizer. I opted for a veggie-forward dish, full of beautiful chard, cucumbers, watermelon radishes, beets and citrus dressing. Of course, I just had to add a slab of pork belly on top! And to wash it all down, a beautifully light elderflower soda.

Brisk walks in Rainbow Harbor, and up to one of my favorite spots in Long Beach.

Taking a Harbor Breeze Cruise, watching the city get further and further away as the sun set and the clouds danced above the sea.

Day 2

I wanted to bring Mariah to a different part of Long Beach for our second day, so we stopped at Colorado Lagoon for a brisk walk, before heading over to Second Street for brunch.

It's incredible that there are beautiful spots like these nestled within Long Beach!

We were lucky enough to find street parking fairly quickly, a couple blocks away from our brunch destination: Saint and Second.

Two entrees later, we were back on our feet to walk over to Naples. A thick mist had begun to roll in, shrouding the otherwise buzzing downtown area in an eerie fog, a marine layer familiar to many beach city residents. We continued our walk, picking up the pace to make up for dropping temperatures.

It was the perfect low-key weekend in Long Beach, and another great reminder that you don't need to spend a lot of money or go very far to have a wonderful adventure!

Are you going to explore your own city soon?

Until next time,

Happy wandering!

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