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Quirks & Smirks, more informally known as Q&S, is my brand and Etsy shop title. I began my Etsy shop after many suggestions to make greeting cards. When I thought about it, I realized I always made my own cards because I could never find cards that said what I wanted them to say. Greeting cards turned into custom cards, custom cards turned into custom art, and now Q&S is much more than just cards! On my shop you will find a variety of products such as keychains, bookmarks, stickers, and painted clothing. 

where do you sell your artwork?

You can find my products on Etsy, as well as at MADE by Millworks in Downtown Long Beach. I also participate in occasional pop-up markets in Southern California.

How do you make your products? is each one painted individually?

All of my artwork is original, but not all of my products are originals. About 98% of my artwork is done manually with traditional mediums, such as drawing and painting. Sometimes I digitally color my work, but the original is always drawn by hand. Once the artwork is completed, I scan it in, use Photoshop to clean it up if necessary, then have it printed on different items, such as stickers and bookmarks. I use a local, independent printer for all of my art prints and bookmarks, and I use a third party website that produces my stickers and keychains.

Are you an artist full time?

I am not an artist full time in terms of employment. I have a regular, 40-hour-a-week, full-time day job.

What is the difference between a painting and print?

When something is designated as a painting, it is an original. It is the actual surface that was painted by hand. A print is a reproduction of the original painting. Think of it like this: When you go to a museum, you may not be able to purchase the painting off the gallery wall, but you can buy a print in the gift shop. This print is a reproduction, and is not an original. In the same way, I offer originals, which are unique, and prints, which are reproductions of the original, meaning the original was scanned in and the image was reproduced. 

Do you take commissions for custom work?

I do take on commissions for custom work, when my schedule and wellbeing allows. I've done a broad range of custom work, from custom paintings to custom tattoo designs.

What is the commission process like? how much does custom work cost?

I have a Google form to receive custom requests when I am able to. The form asks some basic questions about the request, including an inquiry regarding familiarity with my work. Once I receive the request, I review it and email the client back to discuss the request. Pricing for requests is case-by-case, depending on the intricacy of the project, expected timeline, materials, and labor. You can find my Google form link on my 'Contact' page. 

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