Although I have been highly inspired by bands and music artists for many years, the Jonas Brothers have provided an incredible source of inspiration for me since their 2019 comeback. In addition to premiering new music, they gave us a level of honesty and transparency in their documentary, Chasing Happiness, that we had never really seen before. They worked through many of the issues and complications caused by their circumstances, and their journey really helped me through my own journey to wellness. Starting in 2019, I created many paintings and other artwork inspired by them and their music. You will find many of these pieces below.

Jonas Inktober 2019: Danielle Jonas
Happiness Begins Tour Painting
Only Human Music Video Painting
Jonas LA Painting
Happiness Begins Tote Bags
Good Day Painting
Comeback Painting
Danielle Jonas Co. Painting
Jonas Inktober Foil Print
Villa One Painting
Jonas Brothers Valentine Painting
X Painting
X Painting
Jersey painting
Jonas Inktober drawings turned stickers
Inseparable lettering
Hesitate Foil Print
Rollercoaster Tote Bag
Happiness Continues Painting
Happiness Begins Tour Painting

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