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My name is Jolene Gloria Ung. I am a Jesus-loving, art-making, coffee-loving, wandering and exploring Southern California creative.


Although I showed an interest in art at an early age, science is what captured my eye, along with music and figure skating. After many years of pursuing a goal of a PhD in biochemistry, I discovered where my true passion lies – being a creative. After two years at the University of California at Irvine, I switched majors, thus beginning my creative journey.


After college, I worked in graphic design for a year, attended a Bible school for two years, and have since settled down in Long Beach, CA, working as project manager. Even though I got the desk job I always told myself I’d never wanted, it has given me a way to support myself as an artist.


In late 2014, I began building my brand, Quirks & Smirks. I opened an Etsy shop, making my artwork more available in a consumer setting. I now work full time at a desk job, but still try to give 100% to my side business, my art, and everything I am passionate about.

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