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2019 was an incredibly rough year for me artistically. Because of my personal struggles, my art and creative life almost ceased completely, with the exception of my painted jackets. Even though I was still producing things, I wasn't enjoying myself as much as I had in the past - I felt that my integrity was compromised, especially with the new attention my work was getting. In order to restore some of the joy in my work, I grabbed a small watercolor notebook and began painting on-site on a vacation to Europe in October 2019. I challenged myself to paint for myself, and I thoroughly enjoyed the results. In early 2020, I decided to continue this practice on my trips to Disneyland, further challenging myself to pursue more gestural paintings instead of being consumed with minute details. Below you will find paintings I have done. This page will be updated with new artwork as it is created - I will be continuing these practices regularly. 

All images and depicted artwork are property of Jolene Ung. Replication is not permitted. Please do not repost without permission from Jolene Ung of Quirks & Smirks.

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