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Jolenegoes: 7 Instagram-Worthy Spots at Knott's Berry Farm

While Disney may be taking over our social media feeds, Knott's Berry Farm has its own kind of vintage California charm, complete with some great Instagram-worthy photo spots. Visiting Knott's is not all about the rides - you can get some great photos there too!

1. Fiesta Village Windows

I absolutely loved all of the bright colors in Fiesta Village! As we were wandering, we noticed some very cute, very colorful windows, perfect for a cheery Instagram photo.

2. Boardwalk SURF SHOP

While we were being tossed around on the Surf Gliders, I saw this cute corner near HangTime. the lighting was a little weird at night (see above), but this is a great photo spot for that classic beachy, California vibe.

3. Blue Wall

Move over Disney - there's a new blue wall in town! While this one may not be as minimalist, I really loved the vibrancy of the botanical greens on top of that blue! This is a wonderful photo spot if you're very into color, and it's right around the corner from my #3 spot.

4. Teal Wall

Located at the base of the Charles M. Schulz Theater, this blue wall was begging for some insta-worthy lovin'. The teal is quite different from the previous blue wall mentioned, and there is plenty of open space to take a color-blocked photo. This spot went highly unnoticed until we took photos, and a bunch of people decided to follow our trend!

5. Waterfall near Mystery Lodge Entrance

This is definitely a more obvious photo spot, but that doesn't make it any less impressive. Pass under the Mystery Lodge show entrance and you will find a koi pond, complete with flowing waterfall. The area is well-kept and almost makes you forget you're in a theme park.

6. Ghost Town Undertaker

Boothill Cemetery is a popular photo spot if you enjoy the macabre, but my coffin choice is that of the Ghost Town Undertaker. I love the vibe of Ghost Town, with its aging buildings and Western charm, so I prefer to hop in this coffin instead of at the Cemetery.

7. Bourgainvilla blooms

Near the Indian Trails Stage, there are a series of crumbling arches, crowned with bright bourgainvilla blooms. Again, it hardly looks like we're in a theme park!

Below you'll find a map with all of the photo spots in this post. Happy snapping!

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Until next time,

Happy wandering!

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