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Jolene goes to the Flower Fields - 2021

Springtime is celebrated for its new beginnings, emergence from cold winters, and more famously, gorgeous blooms. Here in Southern California, there are several accessible locations where locals and tourists alike visit to admire nature’s colorful gifts and take fun photos. One of those locations is The Flower Fields in Carlsbad.

Every spring, The Flower Fields opens its gates to visitors to admire impressive, endless rows of ranunculus flowers, from deep reds to bright yellows, to delicate pinks. I visited back in 2018, and I was happy to return to such a beautiful place, especially at the start of a fun girls' weekend.

The sun was shining as we ventured out to Carlsbad, ready to take as many pictures as we could amongst the famous flowers. With Covid precautions in place, tickets are purchased online ahead of time, for a specific time slot. We aimed for an earlier time slot and were able to find parking in the provided lots. Be aware that the further lot is not paved, so get ready for some bumps!

Once we parked, we used the far entrance to go in, greeted by friendly staff members who scanned our tickets and provided maps. There are several sections on site, so the maps are helpful especially for first-time visitors. There are restrooms, snacks, seating, local vendors, several gardens and a sweet pea maze.

Tip: Do a little research before you go, to get a layout of the area.

As we entered, we were greeted by the bright, striking ranunculus rows. Even though the surrounding areas are not impressive, it's very easy to get lost in the beauty of the flower fields.

If you love to take photos like we do, you are in luck. The Flower Fields have built-in inlets for guests to take photos in. With Covid precautions, everyone must wear a mask while waiting, but are allowed to take their masks off for photos. The way it is organized, there is plenty of space between groups.

Tip: VENTURE out into walkways that are further out. less people go further out, making photo wait times much less.

We made our way through the walkways, making sure to take photos with all of the different colored flowers. Please note, guests are NOT allowed to cross over the green tape into the flower beds. If you visit, please respect these boundaries to keep the flowers healthy and thriving!

After some time in the fields, we took a bathroom break and explored some of the garden areas and made our attempt at the sweet pea maze. For the second time in a row, I got lost! The maze looks simple, but it's actually well done and is an actual maze.

“Flowers don’t worry about how they’re going to bloom. They just open up and turn toward the light and that makes them beautiful.”– Jim Carrey

Despite leaving with a few sunburns and strange sandal tans, we got what we came for - fun photos, lots of laughs, and the perfect celebration of springtime, in #wholesomefunsquad fashion.

Have you ever been to The Flower Fields?

Until next time,


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