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Jolene goes to Peltzer Farms Pumpkin Patch

Summer has officially faded away, making room for crisp air, spiced cider, and pumpkins. The air has a slight aroma of cinnamon, and color palettes have shifted to warm neutrals and burnt orange.

Unlike my modest disdain for summer, I absolutely adore autumn and all of its gifts. There is something special about this time of year, and watching the earth shed her summer memories and make room for new ones.

And of course, I love visiting pumpkin patches!

This time, my friend Mariah and I decided to visit Peltzer Farms – a gorgeous Temecula winery that does a fun pumpkin patch event every year.

Peltzer Farms is wonderfully decorated, and the winery is sprinkled with tractors, colorful glass bottles and other décor that is perfectly rustic.

There is also plenty of seating available around the winery, including a little hideaway full of communal tables. Greenery encloses the area, and there are often live performers there that serenade guests while they enjoy a bite from local food trucks, which are located in a more open area.

Speaking of food trucks, upon arrival Mariah and I were already hungry, so we went straight for the selection of food trucks that were available for the event. While Mariah went for Devilicious, I opted for the poke truck and grabbed a poke burrito.

I often have poke burritos for lunch at a local Long Beach spot, so my standards are pretty high for poke burritos. Unfortunately this particular burrito didn't really impress me, but it wasn't bad.

Once our hunger was at bay, we made our way to the pumpkin patch for drinks and photos. Our walk to the pumpkin patch really showed us how bit Peltzer Farms really is.

The pumpkin patch area continued the fashionably rustic theming of the farm, littered with pumpkins, photo ops, and plenty of families getting in their autumn shots for the 'gram.

I found the lines for activities to be a little chaotic, and Peltzer Farms could have done with better signage. In order to enter, we needed to purchase admission as well as tickets to participate in the activities. This was a bit difficult to figure out, but ultimately we paid for admission, got our wristbands, and purchased tickets.

Since we were at a winery, we decided to get drinks. I chose the "Pumpkins and Prosecco" weekend special mimosa, and Mariah chose the "Witch's Brew," the winery's house sangria served in a souvenir jar.

We sat at one of the tables and enjoyed the festive ambiance while we enjoyed our drinks. The weather was cooling down as the sun started its descent.

Once we were done with our drinks, we put our tickets to use and visited the animals at the petting zoo.

We were able to pet and feed the rambunctious goats, and watched them play with each other. They were so cute and soft!

Mariah even made a new friend!

The pumpkin patch was exactly what I was hoping for, to celebrate my favorite season. Great drinks, great company and of course, plenty of pumpkins!

Our final activity was taking the little train loop. If I'm being honest, it wasn't as impressive as I'd wished - I wish it went further around the farm rather than just a small loop. However, we bought so many tickets we had to use them!

Our visit to Peltzer Farms for their pumpkin patch was the perfect seasonal day out. There is food available, entertainment, activities for adults and kids alike, and many fun, seasonal photo ops. If you can make your way down to Temecula this season, I recommend a visit to Peltzer Farms!

Are you visiting any pumpkin patches this year?

Until next time,

Happy wandering!


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