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Jolene goes to Lavender Market Nights

Right after galavanting among the apple orchards at Stone Soup Farm, we headed down the mountain from Oak Glen and made our way to a different kind of farm – 123 Farm, one of my favorite SoCal lavender farms.

If you’ve been a jolenegoes reader for some time, you’ve probably noticed I’ve attended several events there, from the lavender festival to the sheep shearing festival, and now for Lavender Market Nights.

The event was slated to begin at 5PM, but we arrived a little before that and were surprised to find guests already parked and partaking in the festivities. Since it was so early, the sun had not yet set, and the farm looked as it always did from afar.

However, upon a closer look, we realized there were string lights everywhere. A few excited squeals of joy later, we were already frolicking through the area, even in the daylight. We could only imagine how magical the farm would become once everything was lit up.

I figured the food line would begin to grow rapidly as dinner time approached, so we ate fairly early on in our evening. I simply could not pass up the rib plate and a refreshing lavender iced tea. We found a sparkling enclave tucked away under some trees and enjoyed our food while twilight set in.

As the sky darkened, Lavender Market Nights really came alive. While 123 Farm is always beautiful, the magic of the lights truly transformed the area, creating a whimsical forest escape in the middle of Cherry Valley.

Once we were done eating, we made our way through the farm for plenty of photo ops – winding pathways, the “Glitter Tree,” and sparkling lavender plants that smelled as beautiful as they looked.

I am forever chasing light. Light turns the ordinary into the magical.

- Trent Parke

Prior to our visit, I also reserved a s’mores pit. Once the night had fully descended upon the farm and the lights were at their brightest, we headed over to the fire pits for our reservation. Our fire was lit and we were given a box of s’mores ingredients. We roasted our marshmallows and admired the glittering scenery around us.

We ended our evening in the infamous 123 Farm ‘tree tunnel,’ a crowd favorite for photos. Every nook and cranny of this otherwise familiar farm was a new experience, like seeing magic right before our eyes. Darkness surrounded the boundaries of the farm, leaving us safe and sound in our sparkling oasis of light.

On our way back to the car, we took one last look at the magical farm and snapped our last few photos before we headed home.

If I am not mistaken, 123 Farm does a similar light event for the holidays, which are quickly approaching! Keep an eye out on their website for more information. Hope some of you will venture out into Cherry Valley and experience the magic yourselves!

Until next time,

Happy wandering!


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