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Quirks & Smirks, more informally known as Q&S is my brand. It began simply as handmade cards, but slowly it is expanding. I now offer prints, handmade buttons, and tote bags. Even though it's still in its beginning stages, Q&S is growing and will continue to grow.

Who or what is Quirks & Smirks?

Where can I buy your stuff?

I have an Etsy shop online, where I have cards, buttons, prints, and tote bags available for puchase. I ship all over the United States, and to several other countries as well.


In addition, selections of my cards are available at MADE in Long Beach, MAKE Collectives, and Fingerprints - all local shops in Long Beach. On occasion, I also do craft fairs/markets. Keep an eye out on my Instagram and Facebook for events and news!